What Our Vision Means For Our Schools


  • Access to wider peer groups to provide greater support in transition for pupils
  • Access to greater learning resources
  • To improve teaching and learning opportunities across all schools for all children
  • Strengthen their links to the wider world
  • The opportunity to ask question in order to develop an understanding that there is not always a right answer to spiritually challenging questions
  • Ensure our charity work, which extends globally and nationally, also has a focus on our locality so that the children can see the impact that their efforts are having as agents of change.
  • Ensure continued focus on the health and well-being of pupils and develop the role of mental first aiders.


  • Ability to achieve more ambitious and improved outcomes for all pupils
  • Greater opportunities for staff development
  • Access to greater learning resources
  • Sharing best practice, subject leadership and distributed leadership
  • All staff employed by the Trust
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Succession planning
  • Opportunities to work in others’ schools
  • A consideration of a healthy work-life balance
  • Staff’s views are canvassed and taken into account

Community and Governance

  • To continue to work with the Diocese and further develop our Christian distinctiveness
  • To continue to be a central part of the local community
  • Local governance at the Trust and school level
  • Shared policies
  • Shared buying power to save money and release more funds for Teaching and Learning