Provision, Enhancement, Enrichment

Our vision for the future of education across our schools

A Model For Achievement


We believe that the three elements of PROVISION, ENHANCEMENT and ENRICHMENT – when combined together proportionally – create a unique and high quality education which enables every pupil to achieve academically and to shine individually.

We will encourage and support all schools regardless of circumstance to include all three elements into their own practice to ensure that a broad, rich education is available for all pupils.

We also acknowledge that all schools will be able to contribute elements of excellent practice to the Trust.  As schools join AAT, we will quickly seek to identify outstanding practice across the Multi Academy Trust and build this into our school improvement packages.

We will encourage, support and challenge all children and adults within our Multi Academy Trust to achieve their very best within an ethos of care and respect for each other’s diversity.  The ‘Take Care’ approach within the curriculum ensures that a whole school approach is taken on every pupil achieving their potential and beyond.  This is through strategic deployment of staff, so that any area of intervention for any area of need is identified early, targeted effectively and the impact is evaluated regularly.  This is part of the PROVISION structure.


Essential Ingredients of our PROVISION

High quality Teaching and Learning in the Core Subjects leading to the acquisition of the best set of basic skills for every child

Early identification of intervention needs, to support or challenge

Rigorous assessment, tracking and target setting procedures which promote accelerated progress

Continual internal process of School Self Review/Evaluation

Behaviour and rewards systems which promote high quality learning behaviour

Impact of provision

We believe that, through consistent and high quality provision, all of our pupils will leave our academies having acquired the best set of skills possible.  Strengthening, maintaining or further developing the provision element in all our academies will be central to our work providing our pupils with this strong foundation.


Essential ingredients of ENHANCEMENT

A Broad, Rich Curriculum

Creativity for All

Specialist Teaching

Impact of enhancement

We believe that all pupils should have access to a rich, engaging and challenging curriculum which enables them to learn and grow in a broader sense as unique individuals.


Essential ingredients of ENRICHMENT

Wealth of Opportunities

Community Involvement

Interests Become Passions

Excellence in Achievements

Impact of enrichment

We believe that all pupils should have access to many powerful learning experiences and opportunities that motivate and inspire them.  We will provide the specialist support required to turn interests into talents, enabling our pupils to be the very best they can be.